60 Cell SprintTM Lightweight PV System

SprintTM is a superior, high efficiency, lightweight PV solar panel with an integrated racking system, designed specifically for use on commercial rooftops. Sprint can be installed on many commercial roofs that can’t support the weight of conventional solar systems. The installation process for Sprint is up to five times faster than conventional solar systems. In addition, if any repairs need to be made to the roof, or the solar system needs to be moved for any other reason, the panels are easy to remove and reinstall.


The SprintTM solar panel significantly reduces total installation time for commercial rooftop solar projects, making traditional ballast and roof penetration installation methods obsolete. Sprint’s lightweight materials and integration of the racking and other Balance of System (BOS) technology into the solar panel reduce the time spent getting solar panels and racking on the roof and installing the panels once they are there. Sprint’s design also removes the need for any grounding equipment, eliminating labor costs related to grounding. In addition, Sprint’s tool-less installation system, simple hook and swing system connection mechanism and built-in wire management result in a streamlined installation process that is up to five times faster to install than conventional solar panels and racking systems.


SprintTM delivers a better return on investment and a lower cost of electricity than conventional systems by reducing costs associated with wire management, grounding, labor, engineering, design and shipping, while delivering more energy per panel and enabling more panels to be packed on a roof.

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